Sunday, January 17, 2010

compost blog post

Time has somehow escaped me. I feel like I haven't written in a long time. Blogging has become a part of my day that I look forward to. I find myself making mental notes throughout the day of things I should mention or talk about in this online forum. I guess you could say it is a good way to stay present focused and in the moment. I have become a commentator on my own life. This is a good thing right? Isn't it our ability to objectively observe our life that creates space for change?

On the subject of change I picked up an air-tight, stainless steel container for keeping my kitchen leftovers in for composting. The only thing keeping me from composting is the fifty yard walk to our future garden site which contains our compost pile. Every time I throw my leftover apple core in the garbage, I cringe. But laziness speaks and I usually listen. Well, laziness and I despise fruit flies in my house. (Flies in general, but the fruit variety especially). Hence the airtight container, I am hoping I can get by with only bringing out the compost a couple of times a week and at the same time keep the flies at bay.

We are GOING to do the garden this year. Cutter wanted to last spring, but I thought we had too much going on. So, with my recent vegan frame of mind I decided that now would be the spring to pitch in and reduce out carbon footprint. And hopefully enjoy some delicious and inexpensive homegrown goods at the same time.

Growing up my mom always worked hard at a garden. Her attempts were noble and I always appreciated the few veggies that survived the pumpkin invasion that inevitably overtook the garden by the end of the summer. I think she was trying to recreate some childhood memories. Her parents were especially good gardeners. By the time I came onto the scene here on earth and met my grandpa Earl, he was retired and his garden was his pride and joy. I can clearly remember fresh green beans, raspberry's, grapes and cucumbers. I have many good memories that surround the garden. (See my family did instill a love of more than just cookies!)

There is something nostalgic about having a garden. It is one of those 'time stands still' practices. Not many things of our ancestors have survived the technological age. Gardening has. It still takes good dirt, seeds, water and sun to make your garden grow. It really puts the convenience of our grocery stores into perspective. If I am too lazy to bring out my compost now, how would I have ever survived in a day where I needed to grow my own food for survival? Rhetorical question.

So this is the year the Honeycutt's will give it a shot. We'll see if we can make Grandpa Earl proud. Maybe he could be our garden's guardian angel. Someone has to keep the pumpkins under submission- and if I am anything like my mom, that someone will not be me. Step one of garden prep is done... I have the compost bucket and a commitment to making my garden bloom. Compost v.s Laziness, we will see who prevails.

For those of you gardening pro's out there, Facebook me your best gardening tips and advice for a newbie like myself!

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  1. Pass on the info you get... I'd love to have my own garden, too, but don't know the first thing about it! ~Amy B